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December, 2016 – Holiday Dates

Our last bake is on Friday Dec 23 2016, we re-open Friday Jan 16 2017. If you intend to freeze some loaves grab them early so you don't miss out.

February, 2015 – Head Baking Position Vacancy Filled

We welcome John Pleasants, a baker of sourdough for 20 years, to our team.

John Pleasants

November, 2014 – Baguettes

Our Baguettes are made from only the purest unbleached white flour, wholemeal leaven (sourdough starter), water and sea salt, then hand-shaped, risen in canvas cloths and baked on the oven floor.

They are baked every day.

New York Deli Rye

June, 2014 – New Bread - New York Deli Rye

New York Deli Rye is a realistic attempt at re-creating an authentic New York "Jewish Rye Bread" in Australia using Australian flour and conditions. It is started with a rye sour and contains 40% Rye meal, the other 60% being unbleached white flour "dirtied up" with a small amount of wholemeal to replicate the First Clear flour used in NY, which is collected early in the white flour milling process still containing some bran and germ. plus 1.8% caraway seeds. This bread has a delightful sour taste distinctive from all our other breads.

It is baked every Wednesday.

New York Deli Rye

March 4, 2012 – EAT IT! presenter Cameron Smith interviews Dave Brown

Cameron Smith – EAT IT!

Cameron Smith, presenter of EAT IT! on Melbourne radio station 3RRR, recently conducted an in-depth interview with Firebrand owner and master baker Dave Brown, on the history and 'now' of the bakery. Cam has been running EAT IT! for as long as Dave has run Firebrand;26 years. Note that since the interview, we've changed our baking times – we now start at 1:00 am. and the first bread is out by 9:00 am.

October, 2013 – New Product - Irish Soda Bread Farls

Irish Soda Bread will now be available on Friday afternoons. They are made from flour, home cultured organic buttermilk, soda, and seasalt. They are available in two varieties.

Plain soda farls, made with unbleached white flour.

White Soda Bread

Wheaten farls, made with 100% organic wholewheat flour.

Wheaten Soda Bread

September, 2013 – Schedule change

Irish Potato Bread will now be only available on Tuesdays instead of Friday. Irish potato cakes (farls) will still be baked on Fridays.

July, 2013 – Welcome to the Jewish Community

Thanks to Rabbi Rabi (a real foodie), we can welcome in those that we have lived with for the last 26 years. More info at and

May, 2013 – Schedule change

Croissants will now be only available on Friday and Saturday. However, they are available to order, any day of the week. No minimum to order and only 45 minutes notice required. You can also buy croissants frozen (uncooked) and bake them at home. They don't need thawing and bake in approximately 20 min. at 200 °C. They look even better with an eggwash before they go in.

May, 2013 – EFTPOS

EFTPOS is on its way! No more dashing back and forth to the ATM. We should have it by the end of May. Update: Up and running, we're not set up for Amex or Cash Out. No minimum purchase.

May, 2013 – We are now selling bread knives

As we don't slice bread, a bread knife is essential for our customers to enjoy our bread at it's best. They are priced at $15.

May, 2013 – Irish potato cakes (farls)

We've been experimenting with potato farls, a traditional Northern Irish breakfast "pancake". Their most popular use is in a fried breakfast known as the Ulster Fry, but they are delicious fresh. The limiting factor is the amount of mash we can make by hand as there's about two thirds of a potato in each piece. They are appearing in our shop at random times right now. Update: They now come out every Friday afternoon at 1.30 PM.

Potato Farls

March, 2013 – We have a new Cash Register

It's a National Cash Register from 1951, made in Dundee, Scotland. The person we bought it from described it as: "Great working condition, press down the keys, the flags go up, the bell rings loud and clear, ka-ching, and the drawer opens. Just like in the old days. I have restored quite a number of this model, and this register has the best bell ring that I have ever heard!! Pure 1950's."

National Cash Register

Hear the ka-ching

February, 2013 – Margherita scrolls

For those of you who're still asking for pizza, now you can have a Margherita scroll – Tomato passata, vintage cheese, fresh basil, and cracked black pepper, rolled in sourdough. It's the same pizza, just a different shape.

January, 2013 – We've become an Artisan Baker member!

abaFirebrand Sourdough Bakery recently became a member of the Artisan Baker Association, an organisation dedicated to supporting the ancient art of Sourdough bread and artisan baking.

Artisan Baker runs workshops &organises baking events, documents and promotes talented bakers, and hosts the worlds friendliest sourdough bread community, Sourdough Companion – a great on-line resource for anyone interested in the art of baking naturally risen breads – bread risen with bacteria and wild yeasts!

December, 2012 – The last bake of Spelt bread

This month will mark our last bake of Spelt bread. But never fear, it's not all bad news – we'll bake Olive Bread every Thursday in it’s place. We'll also bake Schwarzbrot every Tuesday of the month.

February, 2012 - Firebrand features on Channel 10 News

This month Channel 10 News broadcast a feature on Firebrand and our fight against supermarket aggression. It's a sad story, but one that real bread lovers everywhere can understand. We'll keep up the fight so you can continue to enjoy the pleasure of real bread made by real bakers.