Welcome to the Firebrand Sourdough Bakery – the home of real bread!

Since 1987, Firebrand Sourdough Bakery, in Ripponlea Melbourne has been making real bread with real flavour and texture using age-old breadmaking methods. All our breads are made using a natural leaven (sourdough starter), which we started in the mid-seventies from two simple ingredients; organic wholemeal flour and water. We continue to feed our natural leaven with those same ingredients every day – and the Firebrand Sourdough Bakery is still owned and operated by Dave Brown, who bakes to the same delicious formula to this day.

All our breads are hand-shaped and baked in our original 1930's wood-fired oven, either in tins or directly on the brick floor of the oven, and all are made from organic or unbleached flour, natural wholewheat leaven (sourdough starter), water and sea-salt. We do not add any yeast, sugar, fat, oil or improvers – just good, wholesome and healthy ingredients. We also make high quality sugar free muffins, flourless cakes, chocolate brownies, sourdough croissants, cheese and onion scrolls, biscuits, and sell beautiful hand-made Boscastle pies and pastries.

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The Firebrand Sourdough Bakery Wood-Fired Oven

OvenAll Firebrand Sourdough Bakery bread is baked in our unique wood-fired oven, which we resurrected in 1987. The oven hadn't been used since the early 1930's, but now sees duty every day.

Unlike the little pizza ovens of today that bake with the fire burning, our wood-fired oven bakes using heat retained from a long firing. We fire it for 4 to 5 hours, during which time the firebricks on the roof, floor,walls and the surrounding one metre of sand get saturated with heat. The oven is around 450 Fahrenheit when lit and is fired up to 750 Fahrenheit before burning out and closing down.

We put the first bread into the oven at about 8am to 8.30am and take it out before 9am – fresh and ready to bless any table. Our specialty breads of the day are usually baked by 10 to 10:30am.

What is sourdough and why is it so important to Firebrand?

Sourdough – the essential ingredient of Firebrand breads is the name for a mixture (dough or batter) of water and cereal flour containing a culture of naturally occurring yeasts and lactic acid bacteria.

Yeasts and bacteria are present all around us – for example in the air, soil and water. Those well suited to bread production are found in relatively high populations on the surface of cereal grains, such as wheat. By grinding the grains into flour and providing a suitable environment for these micro-organisms to thrive (basically by adding water, maintaining an appropriate temperature, and providing food in the form of more flour) these populations can be increased in size and concentration, where they co-exist in a symbiotic relationship.

Eventually there will be enough yeast cells giving off carbon dioxide as a by-product of their respiration to make bread rise. The interactions of the yeast and the natural enzymes they produce have a beneficial effect on the flavour, texture and aroma of the baked bread – placing it a world apart from mass produced products.

Firebrand sourdough breads are full-bodied, rich in flavour and have an aroma that’s unmatched – and that’s important to us.

Firebrand caters to the sweet tooth too – with cakes and pies and biscuits and more!

We believe that food should be eaten out of pleasure, not routine. So we offer our customers an ever changing variety of different cakes, biscuits, tarts, pies, scones and muffins on a daily basis. Of course like any good bakery, we have our specialties; yummy flourless cake, vegan sugar free muffins, scones and of course our gorgeous sourdough croissants.

Lulu W. – Melbourne, Victoria

Lovingly-made old-world style bread like this is hard to come by, even in a foodie epicentre like Melbourne.  I live right by the QV Market, which has plenty of decent bread, but Firebrand is the real deal.

Shane P. – The Dandenongs, Victoria

Firebrand bread is the most wholesome and soul nourishing bread in Australia. I have been bringing this bread home to my family and my friend's tables for years, providing a staple of sourdough luxury unsurpassed by any other bakery I have ever known locally or internationally. My gratitude goes out to Dave and his staff at Firebrand for the enduring quality and perseverance of ingredient integrity that makes Firebrand an enduring Melbourne icon of the pure method, wood fired baking style of how real bread should be. Thankyou Dave - Shane , family and friends.